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I'm Patrycja... the girl with the camera!

capturing joy, love & magic of the moments in between to tell your story


I love finding beauty in all things and chasing light in ways that make every moment shine. I am passionate about the way photography is able to tell a story and freeze time. I adore images that are honest, raw and full of emotion.

I came into photography from a desire to collect the moments; if offered me a tool to savour things beyond their timeline. I often feel like I am making a secret pact with father time with every photo i take -- gently asking that the images can reflect the essence of this moment -- whether it's a droplet of rain on a leaf, a tear at the corner of my little girls eye as she reflects on the hugeness of life, the spontaneous laughter of my son when he discovers a new treasure beneath some fallen leaves, the deep focus on my daughters face as she composes a new piano piece, the calm of the river as it releases the fog of night beneath the warmth of the rising sun, the gentle touch between two people connecting, the kindness of strangers, the love between families and friends, the heartache of loss, the humbling intensity of grief, the euphoria of pregnancy and birth... the glee, the wonder, the tenderness, the grace, the depth of life in all it's elements.

When I look at a photograph, I can feel it's story: it becomes a treasured keepsake amidst the passage of time.

Since childhood, I have moved and travelled across continents, meeting strangers who become lifelong friends, and learning to say goodbye (i’m still working on this one!). I have learned first hand how light and shadows exist in perfect alignment, and there is no path to love that isn't intricately matched with griefs... both little and big. Yet our heart is capable of expanding to all of it... and every emotion holds space and power. Photography is my way of nurturing those spaces in between and giving them life so that we can see the treasure of each experience long after we have travelled on to the next one. The birth story that fades into the background of giggles remains alive in images; the wedding day that passes all too quickly after months of planning; and the expression of art in all its forms in life and commerce as we manifest our dreams. 

I've been taking pictures since I was 7, when my father gave me my very first Pentax K1000 -- a born professor he offered it with all the life lessons that it could hold. As I began to watch the world through my lens, i began to understand the magic of framing (perspective), shutter speed (seizing the moment) and light (engaging with all the elements of the human heart). Instinct whispered to me that while there is beauty in all things, patience is a virtue, and it's important to wait for the heart and soul to invite emotion to the image seen by our eyes. To this day, I hold the camera to my gaze many times, yet I choose carefully when to take a photo. For me, no aspect of photography is disposable. Digital images allow the freedom for many shots to be taken, yet my gaze holds out for that one moment of grace when everything aligns. 

I have the immense privilege of photographing amazing couples, beautiful families, inspiring brands, creative individuals and fleeting moments in time. I have photographed dancers, opera singers, yoga instructors, thought leaders, political activists, writers, artists, professors, athletes and remarkable people who wear many different hats. I am profoundly grateful for every single opportunity. 

I always reserve space in my heart and my life for actively giving back to my community. Whenever I have the opportunity to share my gifts with causes that resonate with my soul, I am thrilled to do so. I get to meet incredible people, and raise awareness about important issues. If you have an organization in mind that needs photographs to tell their story, send me a note to explore the possibilities.

drop me a line to say hello & let's set up a time to play!

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