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I have been blessed with meeting remarkable humans on this journey, and the joy of capturing your stories... thank you for sharing your heart and your soul. Thank you for trusting me with seeing you. Thank you for allowing me to witness the beauty of your life. You are my why...

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 "Patrycja, there are no words to express how truly GRATEFUL we are. You are really AMAZING and sooooo TALENTED!!! We absolutely ADORE every picture. The images are next level exceptional. You really captured the day and each of us so well."

Oh my heart. These are amazing and such a bright light. Thank you doesn't even begin to express our gratitude. Your ability to capture the soul connection and love that is our family is a treasure I will cherish forever.

Thank you for freezing this moment in time.

Thank you for reminding us to kiss more often.


Patrycja, I'm breathless and in tears.

The photographs couldn't be more perfect, real, and genuinely US as a family! 

YOU ARE MAGIC. I'm over the moon.
You are not of this world. Your soul shines through unlike any person I have ever met, and you connect in a way I've never seen. I truly can't be grateful enough for what you have done for my family. My day wouldn't have been complete without your presence and eye. Thank you!!


Thank you for highlighting the best parts of me with your beautiful photography. It’s easy to take photos, from what I am learning, but to be able to capture the moment and the beauty of people is something you have mastered!

We didn't know how much we could treasure a photo until our photo session with Patrycja. The shoot itself was light, fun and easy for the whole family and the photos from the session completely blew us away. MAGIC!

We will cherish this frozen keepsake for a lifetime and we are so so happy we got them done!!

We can't thank you enough Patrycja! 


Thanks so much Patrycja! These ALL look AMAZING!! You have an outstanding talent for capturing moments and emotions somehow. And everyone was raving about your positive vibes and enthusiasm. Both the process and the results are fantastic!!


We just watched the video collage you put together of our family, and we want to tell you what a beautiful job you did. We were moved to tears looking at the photos of our kids and grandkids. Your work does so much more than take a photograph, your photos tell a story of our family, and that story is love. thank you patrycja!

Nana's Bday (faves) - 11.jpg

Patrycja! You are such a blessing and the moments you have captured are just brilliant. Thank you so much for all of this! You are a beautiful, kind hearted person with magical photography skills. thank you for capturing our story and making it so much fun... again!

abeeha & family at wakefield bridge.jpg

"Oh. My. Goodness!!!! Squeallll!


This is a sneak peek?! I am thrilled with these shots. They are just great... the smiles, the laughs, the fun. I see the love, I feel the love, I know the love!


They are amazing Patrycja. You are amazing! Thank you a million times over. Your work is fantastic! How you caught us and captured us is spot on!!!


At this moment they are all my favourites."

“Patrycja is one of those people you meet and never want to be without again. Not only is she an incredible photographer but she is genuine, warm, loving. She takes a photo to truly capture your moment, not just to take a picture.”

Team Meeting (Jessica Takacs) - 59.jpg

"WOW!!! These are so beautiful! Thank you so so much - what a stunning set of pics. I am really impressed. You are amazing. You really caught the light and the atmosphere perfectly. What a great photographer you are. Thank you for making me feel at ease in front of the lens and for giving me a space to share my work in a way that is creative and fun. Very excited to take this all forward."

Patrycja - thank you so much for capturing photos of our team with such care.  You have the nicest and warmest demeanour, and you made us all feel so at ease with the whole photography process.  It may seem like a small thing, but your early acknowledgement that when you are looking through your lens didn’t necessarily mean that you were taking a photo, just getting the shots set up, really helped me to be at ease.  You became one of the team instead of the photographer. All these elements put together culminated in photos that are warm, delicate and truly captured the light in everyone.  Thank you so much!  I can’t wait to work with you again!

Team Meeting (Jessica Takacs) - 300.jpg
222-web version.jpg

"Honestly. Thank you doesn't even scratch the surface on the moments you captured Patrycja. Having just watched this video now, I can tell you that this is something Jess and I will cherish forever. The little ones won't stay young much longer and so I am VERY much aware of just how precious times like these really are. Thank YOU for your beautiful vision and allowing Jess to finally be a subject for once. Incredible."

"I am speechless.  These are gorgeous...just what I was hoping for!  They capture the happy, celebratory mood and everyone just looks relaxed and natural.  You are MAGIC!"

Grandy 90th Celebration - 91.jpg
liv in lights

"Patrycja has joined us for several family occasions and every single time she has blown us away! She is able to capture the unique qualities and personality of each individual with just a touch of whimsy that can be seen in only the most special of photographs. Patrycja is as vibrant as she is warm so that everyone feels at ease. It is perhaps her dedication to bringing out everyone's unique inner beauty which makes everyone's light shine a little brighter. And then, the video collage set to music is the most profound gift -- it brings us into the magic of the moment and is a wonderfully interactive way to share the photographs with family & friends."

"Wow! You are gifted there is no doubt!

Taking photos as you do, capturing THE MOMENT, THE EMOTION ... few people know how to do it!


Thank you for these wonderful memories... this has no price for me." 



(of happiness and love that is) captured us all beautifully again!!!  

How do your do that????? 

I love them all!




Seriously I am speechless here..."

"What a pleasure it was working with Patrycja. She’s warm and welcoming when you meet before the shoot, which instantly puts you at ease.  Then she’s there with you as part of the group, and yet you don’t really feel like you’re ‘being photographed’ at all.  The end result is beautiful photos of precious, candid moments. Thank you Patrycja, for sharing your talent and energy with us."

Team Meeting (Jessica Takacs) - 128.jpg
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