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Photo Stories & Investment

When I look through my lens, my hope is to look deeply enough to capture the soul of a moment;

whether still or in motion, I am drawn to the sounds beneath the surface. 

My studio is the world around us — as we live in it, and as we shape it.

My subject is the human spirit and the way each one of dances through the life we are creating.

My goal is to see your unique story well enough so that you feel safe enough to be authentically, amazingly yourself! Whether capturing a special moment, your family or your dreams... let's have fun in the process!

Below is a framework for my base prices. My goal is to work with you to create memories that you will treasure.



Family StoryBook -- $500

Every family has a story to tell. My goal is to ensure that everything about our time is simple, fun & lighthearted. Together, we will choose a location that celebrates who you are, and what you love. A family storybook is an ideal way to create a memorable family experience and freeze this moment in time into photographs you can treasure forever. Let's play!


Business & Dreams - $700

what story do you want to share with the world? what dreams are you choosing to create? this session is all about celebrating your awesome doing what you love to do! it allows us to create an extensive portfolio of photographs for your business -- empowering you with a beautiful selection of images!



Love is love -- $1500++

There is magic in every single moment that we live, and there are occasions that define our lives. The moment two people make a commitment to share a journey together is one that we treasure. As life invites us to walk along, photographs have a way of freezing time so that we can always return to the details that make up the tapestry of our life. Please reach out to discuss personalized celebration/wedding packages to capture your love.


Life Stories & Special Moments -- $500

Capturing the moments as we leap into new adventures... celebrating every accomplishment, creating a treasure book of memories that make up the pieces of our life... today and every day is a beautiful part of the journey!!



A year in pictures -- $1500

This is a package of 4-photo sessions set over a one year period. It is ideal for telling the story of your life through the seasons. It is also a perfect way to capture the treasures of a babies first year of life, including belly photos, baby feet, and first steps; or as a souvenir of a year as it unfolds in your family filled with all the ordinary and extraordinary moments that make life beautiful.


Legacy Sessions -- $700

Legacy sessions honour intergenerational gatherings and celebrations that bring together our family... and honour our heritage, even as we write our own story.

standing amongst the cousins
*jimmy baptiste 1.JPG


Heart Sessions & Community Spirit

Each month I offer heart sessions with families/individuals for whom a financial commitment to capturing their memories is not accessible. If you would like to learn more about my availability and options, please reach out

I also open my schedule to various initiatives, school projects and special fundraisers within the community whenever possible. Drop me a note with your proposal and ideas!

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