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Pebble Beach

Community Projects & Workshops

I am passionate about working in the community, and inside the schools that nurture and inspire our future generations. This page offers a sampling of some of the projects I have been involved with over the years -- some are specific programs and others offer roadmaps for new opportunities. I am committed to creating connections, leading with heart, and incorporating interdisciplinary approaches to learning and self-expression.



Storytelling & Photography

Photographs have the power to freeze time and invite us to travel through the many dimensions of life. Looking at an image can take us anywhere we want to go. Taking a photograph offers us a ‘permanent’ window into different pieces of our journey. When you look at the world around you, what story do you see? What inspires you to want to capture the moment that stands before you?


Resilience & Nature

This is a collaborative art experience that explores resilience. We are invited on a journey to look at aspects of our lives and in the world around us that inspire strength, hope & courage. Infused with poetry, scientific exploration and creative thought throughout the process; the goal is to deepen connection, and to offer a space for reflection, self-expression and engagement that is rooted in possibility.

resilience 1.JPG



Taking time to observe the world around us and breathe in the shapes it takes. Using language and imagery to capture the experience. Tapping into the mechanics of photography to inspire a second glance… slowing down the shutter speed, diving into the white noise, and shifting our perspective. Journalling through photographs. How can we use art & photography to inspire pause and connect with our inner compass? How do words & images transform into poetry that captures our imagination and reminds us to breathe?


Inspiring Community

How can we foster a sense of belonging and deepen our understanding of community through reflection, art and conversation? 

emily rose-7.JPG



“Up Close or Nearby” is an arts-based, trans-disciplinary and participatory research project in Western Quebec that applied artistic and social practice to invite the public to engage in conversations on the effects of Covid. Individual and community reflections were analyzed and transformed into public art installations within the region. 

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